Utilization of Education Software Development

Teachers, administrators, students, and parents benefit greatly from educational software. Intelligent content, excellent communication, data and information consolidation, and improved functioning and efficiency are all rewards of implementing education software.

Tools for Tailored Content creation

We create personalized content production software that makes content creation, branding, sharing, hosting, etc. much simpler.

  • Incorporate instructional design models to increase engagement.
  • Insert interactive elements and features.
  • Auditory feedback that is designed to give more effective results
  • Enhance learning content with 2D and 3D graphics and integrated leaderboards, awards, activity feeds, etc.

Interactive Education platform for children

To provide a more interactive experience, we incorporate interactive elements and effects such as motion pathways, animations, games, quizzes, and personalized auditory feedback.

Software solutions for the education sector

Fidelestech customized education software developers help higher education institutions, colleges/universities, trade schools, enterprise-level organizations, and small businesses construct solutions.


Design of a Scalable Learning Management System (LMS)

Our industry-experienced education software developers create personalized Learning Management System software solutions to manage, monitor and meet your organizational and educational objectives.

Develop LMS Software

Our technology team develops, integrates, and implements unique learning management systems for academic institutions ranging from public K-12 to university-level and everything in between.

Sync LMS Software

We apply custom integrations to third-party APIs to use responsive design features such as HTML5 publishing, native support, geolocation/localization support, and more.

Application Development

We integrate web-based LMS systems with native mobile apps  advantage of the hardware on the genuinely unified user experiences across iOS and Android.

Custom plugins

LMS can add Custom activity modules, themes, course formats, enrollment & authentication, filters, document repositories, and other plugins and extensions.

Enhance the quality of Learning

Hire an Educational software programmer

Implementation of an Individualized Student Information System (SIS)

Our experienced education software programmers create Student Information Solutions and perform flawless SIS connections that allow for communication links and compatibility.

  • Students, parents, teachers, and professors can access scalable self-service SIS portals to view grades, etc.
  • SIS development allows users to upload, download, store, and organize records, documents, photos, excel files, and more.
  • Incorporate video orientation, online side presentations, digital handbooks, welcome emails, and other customized solutions.
  • With programmed reporting and real-time attendance status displays, administrators may track students’ attendance & progress.