Fideles Tech Healthcare Software solution

Effective use of software in the healthcare industry can achieve live-saver promising results. Our advanced technical team is here to cater to your needs to accomplish your goals.

 App Development

Our experts know how to create a quick and safe database that can share across multiple healthcare settings

Medical Assistance

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to assist your staff in making the best decisions for patients.

Apps personal health

Future care will be data-driven, individualized, and proactive. gather essential consumer information and assist your patients .

Personal health
Software Services

Professionals assist with historical medical record system evaluations, data migration, user training, and more.

Services for Linking

Connect third-party software for platform payments, lab file transfer, insurance records, etc. to have an organized outcome.

Manage practices

Our experienced professionals can assist you with developing a solution for managing your employees, scheduling consultations.

Telemedicine and Telehealth program system

Telemedicine, which is at the heart of today’s user-centric medical services, allows you to engage with your clients and bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility and distance. Every advanced medical practice that strives to provide exceptional customer service should have this.

Telemedicine Application building

Create custom telehealth applications using VoIP, SMS, and device camera APIs for improved patient interaction, video streaming, call routing, and more.

Telehealth Video Streaming Live

Build video conferencing software that is reliable, HD, and HIPAA compliant for virtual doctor’s appointments and practitioner consultations.

Telehealth Video Streaming Live

Build video conferencing software that is reliable, HD, and HIPAA compliant for virtual doctor’s appointments and practitioner consultations.

Take your Healthcare facility to the next level

Promising & powerful Healthcare Software Development

Our software developers create feature-rich and sophisticated technology products to provide healthcare tools that are both promising and trustworthy for the medical industry’s bright future.

Technology for Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Upgrade eRx, EHR/EMR, LIMS, medical IoT, and other networks.
  • Mobile apps are designed to access HIE data.
  • Efficient medical data sharing through C-CDA.
  • IHE, HL7, CDA, CCD, QRDA, and other regulatory healthcare technology communication standards are followed.
Programs for PACS and DICOM Viewers
Programs for PACS and DICOM Viewers
  • Services for PACS Integration
  • Design of DICOM Viewer
  • Teleradiology Services Programming
  • Solutions for DICOM Interoperability
Laboratory Information Management Systems
  • From testing to storage,  workflows to support them.
  • Acquiring critical information during the process.
  • Use LIMS to manage and track your inventory.
  • LIMS uses current data integrity rules and regulatory standards.
Technology for Pharmacy Management
  • Create custom pharmacy software that includes POS integration, etc.
  • Automated pharmacy procedures can be more accessible via RPA.
  • Automate pharmacy inventory processes by using DMS.
  • Integrate complete POS software systems.
Program for Electronic Prescriptions (eRx)
  • To examine the patient’s history, integrate CDS software.
  • Create eRx mobile apps to improve transparency.
  • Improved contact between patients and doctors through an app.
  • Interface with third-party vendors such as PDMS, CDS software, etc.
Application for HIS and Practice Management
  • Develop client-server ICD-10, CPT, LOINC, and SNOMED-CT information.
  • Create complete case management software packages.
  • Bespoke features for our Practice Management System to record patients’ information.
  • IIncorporate EHR, EMR, and PHR systems with patient portals.

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