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When we think business, it’s always the web that comes in mind first today.

That’s why we are focused on providing reliable web hosting.

solutions with 24×7 INDIA time.

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Cloud Service

During past 3 years, we have got our hands on many AWS, GCP, Alibaba Cloud services.
We would love to talk further for the collaboration with you on
below services

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digital ocean
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Create, deploy, and manage cloud native applications and infrastructure in your favorite
language, using an open source platform that enables sharing, reuse, and safe and
predictable changes in a team environment.



Deploy a Docker container
to production in 5 minutes
using your favorite

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Stand up a serverless API or event handler in 5 minutes using a real lambda in code.


Headless commerce API

HC API is decoupling of the front-end presentation layer from the various ecommerce platform,



Manage cloud infrastructure or hosted services using infrastructure as code.


Serverless computing is the abstraction of servers, infrastructure, and operating systems. When you build serverless
apps you don’t need to provision and manage any servers, so you can take your mind off infrastructure concerns.

Pay What You Buy

Fully managed services

Spare your teams the burden of managing servers. By utilizing fully managed services, you focus
on your business logic and avoid administrative tasks. With serverless architecture you simply
deploy your code, and it runs with high availability.

Scale flexibly

Scale flexibly

Serverless compute scales from nothing to handle tens of thousands of concurrent functions almost
instantly (within seconds), to match any workload, and without requiring scale configuration—it
reacts to events and triggers in near-real time.

Fully managed services

Pay What You Buy

With serverless architecture, you only pay for the time your code is running.
Serverless computing is event-driven, and resources are allocated as soon as
they’re triggered by an event. You’re only charged for the time and resources
it takes to execute your code—through sub-second billing.

Build with the Fidelestech Serverless application platform

boost developer
Boost developer productivity

Take advantage of features such as local debugging in Visual Studio,
visual debug history, deployment slots, and more. The Microsoft
serverless platform goes a step beyond abstracting server infras-
tructure to provide functionality that helps developers maximize
their efficiency.

Create seamless connections

Create modern apps by stitching together valuable and complementary
functionality from various sources. Use innovative features like triggers
and bindings in Azure Functions to easily interact with a range of Azure
and external services and Logic Apps to capitalize on more than 100
connectors to Microsoft and third-party services.

Develop intelligent apps

Integrate intelligence in your apps with ease. With Azure, built-in
intelligence is within the reach of all app developers. Enable your
serverless code or logic to use Machine Learning and Cognitive Services.

Headless CMS

HeadlessCMS architecture is rising in popularity in the development world. This model allows breakthrough user experiences, gives developers the great flexibility to innovate, and helps site owners future-proof their builds
by allowing them to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole CMS.

Headless CMS32nd
Productive & Customizable
for Developers

No need to install a backend or a database, create your custom
types and start filling in your templates
Integrates with existing systems, Fidelestech is API-based which
allows you to integrate with your existing projects and CMS

We provide a development kit for your favorite language or

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Modern Authoring & Publishing
Tools for Marketers

A rich authoring experience
Create content using a rich visual editor, optimized for
comfort and productivity.

Content components for composing
rich stories

Once defined, content components enable you to mix &
match predefined blocks for composing
rich stories, without developer intervention.

Scheduling and project management tools
Releases provide a productive workflow for managing and
scheduling your publishing projects.

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Past Experience

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We like to share the some of the services we have implemented and familiar on
aws cloud infrastructure Tools We like to share the some of the services
we have implemented and familiar on aws cloud infrastructure Tools

  • AWS Ec2, Route 53, CloudFront, API gateway,Elastic Load Balancing, VPC, Single Sign on,Elastic Search Services, AWS Data pipelineAWS Batch, EC2 Autoscaling, Elastic ContainerRegistry, Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda,AWS Command Line Interface, AWS OpsWork.
  • AWS S3, EBS, EFS
  • AWS Aurora, RDS, DynamoDB, Elastic Cache,DB Migration service
  • AWS Cloud Watch, SQS, SNS, SES.

Facets of Software Maintenance and Support

– We are easy people to work with –

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Flexible Pricing,
Time and Material

We offer multiple Pricing
(Fixed, Variable) and Time
(24X7, Weekly, Hourly)

timely support.

Timely Support

We offer software support
for any Software developed
by us and also for the
third -party software.


Maintenance for
Entire Software Lifecycle

Fixing Bugs – This includes
troubleshooting software
issues, and maintenance
tasks regularly


Multiple Contract

However, depending on the
project requirement, and
type it can be tailored
contracts as well.


The services automatically scale as demand increases, and users are billed based on the actual resources used instead of a flat monthly fee. By moving business operations and data to the cloud, organizations can bypass time-consuming traditional IT processes and enjoy immediate scalability and flexibility.


Why Build SaaS on Fidelestech ?



Pay For Use Pricing

Pay For Use Pricing

Global APN Presence

Global APN Presence

Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Create Apps, Not the Platform


    Fidelestech has a container-based architecture that runs apps in any programming language. Deploy apps to CF using your existing tools and with zero modification to the code. Instantiate, deploy, and manage high-availability Kubernetes clusters with CF BOSH on any cloud.


    Applications deployed to Fidelestech access external resources via the Open Service Broker API. See available services and integrations in The Fidelestech Technology & Services.


    Fidelestech Technology & Services is highly adaptable and will withstand shifts in technology so you can adopt new tools, languages or platforms down the road.


    By decoupling applications from infrastructure, you can make individual decisions about where to host workloads – on premise, in public clouds, or in managed infrastructures – and move those workloads as necessary in minutes, with no changes to the app.


    Fidelestech won’t disrupt your current workflow. It is compatible with the tech and tools you use today – whether that’s AWS or Docker or Kubernetes or Java or .NET – and just about anything in your current environment.


    Fidelestech Technology & Services is an open source project with an open contribution and open governance model that gives users maximum flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in.

Great Bundle With Every Plan!

Thought includes a vast array of tools and guarantees with each hosting plan purchase.
From site-building tools and script installers to satisfaction guarantees.
Here are just a few examples


Unmetered Disk Space
& Bandwidth

Fidelestech places no limitation on
the amount or size of files directly
pertaining to your website, nor do
we cap data transfer


Free Website Builder
& 4,500 Templates

From a Drag & Drop building tool, to
thousands of templates from which
to choose; we’ve got you covered!


Easy to Use Control

Panel (cPanel) The most popular
hosting control panel in the world,
at your fingertips!



We’re always here to assist via
email, LiveChat, and telephone!


30-Day Money-Back

If you’re not completely satisfied,
simply cancel within 45 Days for
a full refund.


extreme speed

Extreme Speed

Built on our revolutionary platform,
enjoy a custom architecture
engineered to deliver unprecedented

  • Optimized for performance
  • Improve Power
  • Advanced NGINX architecture DB Migration service
  • Custom PHP-FPM configuration

Unbelievably Simple

We’ve integrated key features and
built tools that makes it a breeze to
run WordPress:

  • MOJO Marketplace – Easily find plugins, scripts, and more to enhance your site in just one click.
  • WordPress-centric controls -Managing WordPress on your server is simple with our custom-designed control panel.
complete secure

Completely Secure

As a hosting provider, we offer completely
secure WordPress hosting. We integrate
powerful SiteLock features so
you’re set from day one:

  • Automatic updates
  • SiteLock Security.
  • Advanced CDN
  • SiteLock WAF


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